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“kev g mor is a master at giving oxygen to sound. His work is extremely versatile and has roots in Folk that have grown into a modern voice for the Blues. Strong percussive rhythms and deep distinct tones keep audiences engaged as he expresses the motions of life through music. A powerful voice draws emotion and connection from listeners while creating an unforgettable experience. A strong belief in originality is merged with a raw emotion resulting in authentic expression of life’s passions and struggles. His storytelling is a cry for those seeking to re-connect to music in a genuine way.”
”Being deeply involved in the local community; kev g mor has a strong initiative to help it grow. Projects have included raising money for local food banks and animal rescue organizations. Recently, he developed a project known as “Madness Boston.” Madness Boston unites local artists through various projects that assist in drawing inspiration from each other and demonstrate the importance of a local arts community. Every year, kev g mor draws initiative by putting together events that help many in need and connect others that feel the need to help.”

“It is said that the grit in kev g mor’s voice is due to some of the challenges life has given him. Difficult times have created a passion with a need to reach out to others through sound. Self taught for the past couple of decades; his music is ever-evolving, and he wants to share this evolution with his audience. Whether it be locally, out of town, or world wide; his goal is to play for various venues to expand his experience. He has played all over the United states from Alaska to Massachusetts and anywhere in between. With three self-published albums, he was nominated for the 2013 artist of the year by Bridging the Music, and in 2014 was nominated for New England songwriter of the year by Limelight Magazine.”
- limelight magazine