DAve Crespo has been playing music in Boston since he was 13 with his teenage rock band, Ravin Klaim. When he went to Emerson he took that time to become involved with Boston’s local music scene… and never stopped. While creating music with his band, The After Party, Crespo built booking companies and radio stations that have rose and fell from 2007 until now. In 2012 The After Party became Spo, and helped DAve to release his second full length record, “Pulp Punk.” This sent the band to SXSW twice. In 2017, Crespo has started a new project, called The Dead Air, which has released songs in Thailand to great success. In 2018 the band will be playing the Rimpha Music Festival in Thailand to celebrate that success. Crespo tries to be the momentum that independent musicians look to for inspiration to be a local performer in this town regardless of what people say.