Genre: Pop, Soul
Ariel Strasser is a singer, songwriter and pianist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater with an emphasis in Songwriting from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. She frequently tours the country delivering soulful pop tunes reminiscent of Carole King, Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones. Her debut album, “Crooked Line” released to five star reviews in 2013. Recorded at The Vault recording studio in Hoboken, NJ with producer Dan McLoughlin of The Push Stars, “Crooked Line” features Nate Tucker on drums and percussion, Max Judelson on upright bass, Adrianne Pope on violin and Chris Trapper, also of The Push Stars, on vocals. Keep an eye out for her second release “The Light,” in Spring 2017!